not one of the earlier mentioned!What I like most about my hair: how curly it really is. Once i was very little I wished curly hair, and now I've it.This interview has become edited and condensed.Make-up by Samantha Lau; hair by Cynthia Alvarez; natural beauty editor: Ashley Weatherford; image editor: Raydene Salinas.Alessia Cara's very first hit, "Here," a few sober wallflower at a get together, was an anthem for each youthful particular person who's ever felt like they didn't fit in.Now, the 20-year-old's newest track, "Scars to your Gorgeous," is for any person who's ever felt like they didn't fit in their own individual skin. In an essay on, the singer-songwriter opens up with regard to the inspiration guiding the song -- her possess hairloss."In late elementary university, early superior college,