These powdered bob wigs had been worn by political figures likewise as middle-class men and women. With the finish from the 18th century, the popularity of wigs started to fade. Soon wigs had been worn only by individuals in he court and some aristocracy.igs while in the 20th centuryDuring the 20th century, for the reason that of advances in technology in wig making, wigs looked more like pure hairstyles. Each synthetic and human-hair wigs are now available almost everywhere inside the environment. Human-hair wigs will be the most versatile, because they can be styled in each way imaginable; however, synthetic wigs are easier to take care of than natural-hair wigs and are normally less expensive.Although wigs are not as prevalent since they have been in generations long gone by, several people today wear them to hide hairloss or to effortlessly change hairstyles. Some performers -- from Cher to Dolly Parton -- put on wigs on stage, and of course wigs are constantly popular as component of costumes on Halloween.For all those suffering from hair loss,