Moreover, I do not have to emphasize how rare it really is in rich Western European countries to sell one's hair. That's what will make European hair rare and explains why local wig-makers buy only the total necessary for their own production. Outside of Eastern Europe, on account of its rarity, the value of the greatest European hair (so termed "raw virgin hair") is skyrocketing.Hence 99% of human hair wigs are made of Asian hair. This hair is marked by such trade names as "human hair" or "remy hair". In case the producer or possibly a sales person won't state directly the hair is exclusively European, you may be 100% certain that you'll be dealing with Asian hair.Asian hair is by nature incredibly dark (black), pretty straight and thicker than European hair. Subject into a complicated process of the pigmentation removal, the hair looses its all-natural shine and resilience. Prior to it finally gets for you it will eventually be dyed a number of moments working with artificial chemical goods, which no 1 would

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