A large tooth comb is most effective rather than a brush for the reason that a brush can pull out the hairs leaving the hair extension looking untidy.Use Argan oil around the attachment for fast absorption and root penetration to boost the elasticity of your hair. The oil has Vitamin E that strengthens the hair reducing damages within the Brazilian hair.Immediately after starting to be popularized by quite a few stars, present day gals are now experiencing the fantastic great things about Brazilian hair extensions. Prolonged, flowing, and normal on the lookout hair is not really just reserved for A-list movie begins any more. Brazilian Remy possess the cuticle layer with the hair, which happens to be the outermost protective layer on the hair. What's more, the cuticle layer in the hair is unidirectional, which permits the hair to reflect all-natural gentle, which contributes to its organic luster and sheen. Additionally, it raises the longevity on the Brazilian hair extensions.

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